Kerry-Marie you are nothing short of astonishing!! After the death recently of my sister, and the ensuing distress I found myself in, I turned to you for comfort and your ability as a medium. The evidence you provided in many many forms and messages from Spirit was breathtaking. As a Psychologist I find that very often a client I am helping, needs a little more guidance and comfort than I can provide. I have referred many people to Kerry-Marie as she is a true professional in her field and is able to pass on messages from loved ones that are for some life changing. Over the 12 years I have known her I have watched her continue to improve and strengthen her gift and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her.

Jenny Gibson

Hi Kerry-Marie, Just wanted to update you with some of the stuff you talked about that seems to be taking effect for me right now.

When I visited you, I didn’t know whether to run away, travel, change jobs. You felt I should stand still and just go with the flow. It was the best thing I could have done because things are slowly falling into place.

You said that I would meet a man, a soul mate but back then wasn’t the right time. Well after having some time out on my own someone has walked into my life. He seems to fit the description of the guy you described. At first I thought it was someone else but now this man has entered I think it is him.

You told me to take note of a name Martin. I didn’t know what you were talking about. You told me mum who has passed over was shouting Martin and that he would be a loyal guy. I have kept my eyes open for a Martin and when I was talking to the new man in my life last night I asked him what his surname was and he said Martin.

You have a beautiful gift Kerry-Marie and I just wanted to let you know.

You helped me a great deal in a huge transition in my life.

Warm regards and blessings, Emily Day

Emily Day

I’d like to say a huge thank you Kerry-Marie.

Before my reading I walked in with a heavy heart and a whole lot of burdens, and by the end of my reading I walked out enlightened and content with everything you touched base on. There were things mentioned I was very unsure or uncertain about but 5 days on and everything is falling into place and questions are being answered almost immediately and have become more clearer to me. My family have been able to assist in filling in the blanks which is absolutely amazing!. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reconnecting me to my most cherished loved ones and for sharing invaluable information I will forever hold on to.

Thanks again Kerry-Marie you are truely a blessings xx Helena


30 May 2018


I have listened to the recording when I got home.

Names: Chris is the property manager of a rental property of ours. Mum said Gwen is a new girlfriend of her widowed brother & she is needing to take some pills that I didn’t know about. So there you go!

You were awesome, thank you very much for my reading, you were so accurate with the things you said. I felt very comfortable with you. It was great having my dad so close with regard to his communication to me.

I get now I’m on the right path, I just have to carry on, not worry (much- about you know who!) get a dog and enjoy life. I felt like it clicked. Thanks for that.

All the best for your current and future endeavours. I’ll look on with interest and good wishes.
Kind regards,



I know you have probably been told this so many times in the last few days but I believe your performance on Sensing Murder and at Milford New Age Centre were absolutely brilliant, also one of my friends who came specially to see you at Milford told me you have restored her faith in Mediumship. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

You are certainly a shining light…

Zane Smith

President of Milford New Age Centre

Zane Smith

02 April 2019

I talked with you on Tuesday and just wanted to say thank you so much for your kindness and connection with my loved ones.

You mentioned Jackie very strongly and I didn’t find the connection until later that evening, I have been seeing a lovely lady called Jackie for psychotherapy and she helps me a great deal and is very spiritual, I can’t believe I didn’t click at the time.

I gave my son a big hug from his sister in spirit and I could see the transformation in him which is wonderful.

We also have had an early offer on our home already.

I hope your home sells really soon for you so you can be in your paradise.

One day I hope to come to one of your workshops, Rarotonga sounds beautiful

Heartfelt Hugs and love,



04 April 2019

Hi Kerry, how are you?

I’ve just been listening to my tape from you on 2 March 2011. Crazy how much has happened!! Including going to Thailand, Europe and lots of travel, the way u described my sisters now husband (she was single at the time) and u described him exactly how he is, as well as Dann. U said I was going to do a lot of travel and I would write about it (I travelled for a year and wrote a diary for everyday), u also said I wouldn’t be meeting ‘the future husband’ for a while but within the next 5 years.. I was 20 then and started dating dann when I was 23! And said I’d have a huge celebration for the engagement and wedding. both were big! So cool to listen back on!



15 May 2019

Hi Kerry

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday you were right when you said my brother Aaron wasn’t feeling well on the day he died.

I sent the audio of the reading to his girlfriend Carla to listen to and she told me this morning after listening to it that he’d had a sore tummy the night before and was feeling hot and clammy too. When he had got up in the morning he had still felt unwell and she had told him to ring Paul and cancel the trip. He had refused as he said he didn’t want to let Paul down again and he needed to stick to his word when he said he was going to do something.

The only person in the world who knew he wasn’t well was Carla so this has completely validated to us that you were connecting with Aaron (even though we did know it was him straight away!). I could tell that he was desperately trying his best to show you what happened and I am so relieved to know his passing was comfortable and that he wasn’t scared or afraid.

Thank you so much for the messages you have been able to give my family and I. It means more than words can express to know he is forever with us all and that some day we will meet again on the other side.

Much love