Breaking Free
Kerry Marie

Breaking free

Breaking Free’ is the uplifting story of New Zealander Kerry-Marie Callander’s journey to becoming a sought-after psychic medium. From meeting her spirit protector in childhood through to discovering and developing her psychic gift, Kerry-Marie shares her life experiences and the lessons she has learned through communication with the spirit world.

Kerry-Marie’s goal is to empower and help people through her spiritual work. She is often interviewed by media outlets and enjoys sharing her gift with a wide audience.

She is known for compassionate readings which are full of love.

“I just wanted to say what an excellent read your book was. I literally couldn’t put my kindle down! Really fascinating.” – Sandra”

Kerry-Marie’s inspirational story, which includes teachings from her powerful gift of mediumship, will reassure you of the spirit world’s existence and provide comforting evidence of life after life.

“Breaking Free” will inspire you to look at how you can break free to live your own life purpose and fulfil dreams. It will give you an understanding that through difficulties you can break through to success and know what you are here for.

It will encourage you to heal, forgive and move on with your life in a more positive way.

You will understand in more depth that you will indeed see your loved ones again and that they are around us all the time, supporting us and guiding us through life.

“I wanted to let you know, after purchasing your book “Breaking Free” I could not put it down until I finished. I started it on the return plane flight to Australia and finished it yesterday afternoon. Thank you for being so brave to share your personal journey which has not been an easy one for you. I really enjoyed reading your whole story and the turning points and decisions that you made throughout your life to follow who you are meant to be. You are an inspiration! I was particularly interested in your journey and learnings at the Arthur Findlay College in England. I will google it today to see what courses are on offer as that too has really piqued my interest. Maybe I too can get there one day. Warmest regards, love and light.

Carol Knowles

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