Welcome! Kerry-Marie Callander is an internationally-trained psychic medium, speaker, educator and published author based in Auckland, New Zealand. She starred on Sensing Murder in 2018 and often appears in the media, having built her reputation on giving credible evidence of life after life. 

Today she is one of New Zealand’s most trusted psychic mediums with 25 years of experience

Kerry-Marie discovered her gift as a child but it wasn’t until decades later that she chose to follow her calling. She is now an accredited psychic medium through the Spiritualists’ National Union and has become a trainer of other psychic mediums. She has attended a number of workshops at Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom. Kerry-Marie is also a qualified Reiki Master and a registered wedding celebrant in New Zealand.

Whether you are seeking connection with a loved one, closure, clarity or healing, Kerry-Marie can help 

  • Have you lost a dearly loved person in your life? Do you need answers or to be close with them again?
  • Has a challenge come up in your life that is causing you pain and worry?
  • Have you reached a point where you are feeling totally out of balance and exhausted?

Life can throw all sorts of trials at us and sometimes we need outside guidance to move forward.

“Happiness is a choice and is present in every day, all you need to do is reach out and grab it” – Kerry-Marie Callander

Kerry-Marie acts as a channel, inviting spirits to connect with her to pass on messages to you. She is usually able to offer specific details of people and events to give clients full confidence. While Kerry-Marie can’t control the messages she receives or whether a certain person comes through, most people are amazed at the information she is able to give them.

Ultimately we all have personal responsibility: your future is yours to create

As a psychic medium Kerry-Marie is often able to see potential for people and can give some guidance and insight. However she firmly believes that it is up to each of us to create the lives we want to live. It is truly our actions and choices that become our destiny.

Book your private session with Kerry-Marie today – spaces are limited. Bookings are available in person at Kerry Marie’s practice in Red Beach, Auckland, as well as by phone and Skype.

What people say about Kerry-Marie

“Before my reading I walked in with a heavy heart and a whole lot of burdens, and by the end of my reading I walked out enlightened and content with everything you touched base on. There were things mentioned I was very unsure or uncertain about but 5 days on and everything is falling into place and questions are being answered almost immediately and have become clearer to me.”


I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me today. I was in a bit of a bind about trying to figure out things for me. I really appreciated the guidance that came through. You are really gifted and your accuracy is amazing. Every reading I’ve had with you always provides me with so much clarity and you are by far the best psychic I’ve ever been to.”



Kerry-Marie is an accredited psychic medium, speaker and demonstrator of mediumship through the Spiritualists’ National Union.

She hold three awards:

  • CSNU for private readings
  • platform demonstration of mediumship
  • speaking and sharing philosophy.

Kerry-Marie believes in continuous education and attends workshops at Arthur Findlay College in the United Kingdom regularly. Along with this she is a qualified Reiki Master and a wedding and civil union celebrant in New Zealand.


Kerry-Marie appeared on Sensing Murder in 2018 and is frequently featured in the media in New Zealand.