Kerry-Marie is one of New Zealand’s most sought-after psychic mediums and healers with 25 years of experience. She has starred on the TV series Sensing Murder.
Psychic Medium Kerry-Marie

Life can change so suddenly. Whether it’s losing a precious loved one or facing an unexpected challenge with your family, health, career or finances. It can be hard to move forward and sometimes there are more questions than answers.  

Kerry-Marie Callander is an internationally trained psychic medium, speaker, published author and TV personality. She will help you connect with people that have passed over to find healing and rediscover lightness, joy and confidence. 

Kerry-Marie is one of New Zealand’s most sought-after psychic mediums with 25 years of experience. In 2018 she starred on the TV series Sensing Murder. 

Secure your booking today, Kerry-Marie’s diary fills up quickly.

“Before my reading I walked in with a heavy heart and a whole lot of burdens, and by the end of my reading I walked out enlightened and content with everything you touched on.”


“Kerry-Marie you are nothing short of astonishing!! After the death recently of my sister, and the ensuing distress I found myself in, I turned to you for comfort and your ability as a medium. The evidence you provided in many many forms and messages from Spirit was breathtaking. As a Psychologist I find that very often a client I am helping, needs a little more guidance and comfort than I can provide. I have referred many people to Kerry-Marie as she is a true professional in her field and is able to pass on messages from loved ones that are for some life changing. Over the 12 years I have known her I have watched her continue to improve and strengthen her gift and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. “


“You are really gifted and your accuracy is amazing. Every reading I’ve had with you always provides me with so much clarity and you are by far the best psychic I’ve ever been to.”


Gift vouchers available!

Gift vouchers are also available and can be purchased for the full amount or towards one of Kerry-Marie’s services. All you need to do is select purchase gift voucher or send confirmation of a direct credit by email. She will make up the voucher with the recipient’s name and email it to you.

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Remote Healing is very effective on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level and you can feel and often get a response from this.  It could be very helpful for you over the Covid 19 Pandemic while you are in isolation and lockdown. It is not guaranteed this will happen but there is definite potential for this to happen. If you book and pay for a remote healing please put the name of who the healing is for and what is it they would like healing. You will get some feedback that the healing has been completed by Kerry-Marie.

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible remote healing you gave me.

I can’t believe that you are 12,000 miles away and it was so strong my eyes were streaming within less than a minute. I could actually feel it as if you were in the room, and my face and body was shaking with the energy. I felt every move you made through my chakras and could feel all the spirit around me.

I am just astounded how powerful the healing was from so far away, I am so grateful, words cannot express how wonderful you are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


You may cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your appointment time and your payment will be refunded or you may transfer your booking to another time. Should you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before your appointment time or do not attend then 50% of your payment will be kept as a cancellation fee. 

I look forward to helping you. KMx

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Curious about the psychic and spirit world?

Experience live mediumship readings with New Zealands’s well known Psychic medium and TVNZ Sensing Murder star Kerry-Marie Callander.


Bridging the 2 worlds fundraiser for Kids Can | Virtual Show

Bridging the 2 Worlds will be a virtual 1 hour show where Kerry-Marie demonstrates mediumship and a connection to the other side through the platform of Zoom.  All the profits from the show will be donated to Kids Can, to help our children in schools by delivering food to them. Children are our future and it is important to support them in their younger years.  

Kerry-Marie is an experienced and UK Accredited Medium who was featured in 6 episodes of Sensing Murder in 2018. Using her gift of mediumship she will be bringing through evidence of the world unseen, your loved ones who wish to connect with you and bring through messages of love, hope and healing to you and those you love. 

When:  Saturday 21 November 2020 at 10am (NZST)

Where:  ZOOM

Cost: $29.95 per person and numbers are limited.    

Thank you for your love, support and kindness.  Once a payment is made, please ignore the address emailed to you as this is automated in my system after any booking. I will personally email you the details needed to log into Zoom.

So you want to be a medium? | Workshop

We all have the ability to be psychic. I truly believe everyone has the capacity to connect with the amazing intelligence of the spirit world through the wonderful power of mediumship. Sensitive and creative personalities tend to be able to connect a little easier to the spirit world than those with logical and very practical minds. Regardless of this, being able to connect to those who live in the other world is open to everyone including you. 

In this workshop you will learn how mediumship works. Tune into your own sensitivity as well as your psychic senses that connect you with the spirit world. You will receive knowledge on how mediumship works and watch yourself progress as the day goes along. You will be surrounded by like-minded supportive people within the group.  I will work with you to bring out the best in you as an individual. 

When:  Saturday 20th Febuary 2021 at 10am (NZST)

Where:  TBC

Cost: $180 per person and numbers are limited.    

Tea and coffee will be provided. You will need to bring a pad & pen, a water bottle and some money for lunch at a local cafe. Registration is between 9.30 to 10am. Finish time is around 4 to 4.30pm.

Meeting you healing guides | healing workshop

Your healing guides often connect with you, both to heal yourself and others.  It is great to be aware of their presence and their healing spiritual power they offer to you and others you support. This workshop will assist you to learn how to connect with your healing guides and sometimes other people’s when working with the healing energy. Healing is so important and we all need this at times.  Your healing guides wish to help you when you are either doing healing on yourself or others.  By being more aware of their presence and support it can help both you and others. In the workshop you will not only learn how to connect with your healing guides but also do some healing on others later in the day. It is very special and important.

When:  Saturday 13th March 2021 at 10am (NZST)

Where:  TBC

Cost: $180 per person and numbers are limited.    

Tea and coffee will be provided. You will need to bring a pad & pen, a water bottle and some money for lunch at a local cafe. Registration is between 9.30 to 10am. Finish time is around 4 to 4.30pm.

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