Kerry-Marie’s diary books out in advance – secure your reading today.

Phone and Skype readings are available. 

Kerry-Marie Callander is well-known in New Zealand and beyond for her ability as a psychic medium, having starred on Sensing Murder in 2018 and frequently appeared in the media. She is in high demand for readings with a growing international client base. 

A reading may bring you clarity and healing whether you:

  • Have lost a dearly loved partner, family member or friend and feel trapped in your grief
  • Are facing a major challenge in life – with your family, health, career or finances
  • Feel that you’re on the wrong track and need outside guidance.

A reading with Kerry-Marie is likely to help you find answers and move forward with a sense of peace, lightness and confidence.     

What to expect during your reading

  • Kerry-Marie works as a channel between you and the spirit world, passing on the messages and visions that she receives. Sometimes a lot of information may be offered from loved ones and sometimes only a small amount comes through. 
  • While Kerry-Marie can’t control the messages she receives, she will always seek to provide specific, accurate evidence of loved ones and events to give you confidence in the reading. In most cases people leave their reading with Kerry-Marie feeling relieved, uplifted and more joyful about the path ahead.

Please keep in mind that Kerry-Marie can’t diagnose or prescribe and may refer you to a healthcare specialist, counsellor or other professional if appropriate. 

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are also available and can be purchased for the full amount or towards one of Kerry-Marie’s services. All you need to do is select purchase gift voucher or send confirmation of a direct credit by email. She will make up the voucher with the recipient’s name and email it to you.

Many Thanks Kerry-Marie
The reading meant a lot to me and my family. It helped me and my family a lot to be able to say goodbye to a lost one who they couldn’t farewell before their passing. It was comforting to us to hear their messages and know they are happy and at peace.


Please note a 50% deposit will be required for face-to-face readings and healings when you book and the remainder will be charged at your appointment. Full payment is required when you book for remote or virtual appointments such as, phone, skype, zoom and remote healing. EFTPOS is available at Kerry-Marie’s practice.

Bookings are subject to change by Kerry-Marie if necessary and she will notify you to reschedule a suitable time. A cancellation list is not available. We suggest you keep an eye out for earlier bookings that may become available due to customers rescheduling their appointments.

Kerry-Marie is a professional and does her utmost to assist you to the best of her ability with either guidance or spirit communication. If the consultation becomes unsuitable at any time she reserves the right to close down the appointment. Your appointment is for one hour only and must finish on time to enable Kerry-Marie to attend to the next client. We recommend you read our full disclaimer before booking.