Kerry-Marie has limited availability for healings, so secure your booking today. 

Can you remember the last time you felt a deep sense of wellbeing and peace? Harmony occurs when you are in balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. If you are feeling out of sorts in some way, then one of these areas needs attention. 

Kerry-Marie is an experienced spiritual healer and Reiki Master and offers hands-on healing sessions as well as remote healing sessions, that can restore balance, energy and wellness. 

Spiritual healings with Kerry-Marie can be very uplifting and empowering. A weight is often lifted, with many clients saying that they feeling lighter, more relaxed and happier within themselves. 

Spiritual Healing Kerry Maire

Signs that a Spiritual healing session would help you include:
  • Feeling tense and stressed
  • Suffering from anxiety
  • Experiencing insomnia and restless nights
  • Feeling tired, fatigued and emotional
  • Experiencing headaches and other physical pain
  • Having other health concerns and generally feeling unwell.

Most healings are accompanied by a Reiki treatment and feedback session. Please keep in mind that Kerry-Marie can’t diagnose or prescribe and may refer you to a healthcare specialist, counsellor or other professional if appropriate. 

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are also available and can be purchased for the full amount or towards one of Kerry-Marie’s services. All you need to do is select buy now or send confirmation of a direct credit by email. She will make up the voucher with the recipient’s name and email it to you.

Please note a 50% deposit will be required for face-to-face readings and healings when you book and the remainder will be charged at your appointment. Full payment is required when you book for remote or virtual appointments such as, phone, skype, zoom and remote healing. EFTPOS is available at Kerry-Marie’s practice.

Bookings are subject to change by Kerry-Marie if necessary and she will notify you to reschedule a suitable time. A cancellation list is not available. We suggest you keep an eye out for earlier bookings that may become available due to customers rescheduling their appointments.

Kerry-Marie is a professional and does her utmost to assist you to the best of her ability with either guidance or spirit communication. If the consultation becomes unsuitable at any time she reserves the right to close down the appointment. Your appointment is for one hour only and must finish on time to enable Kerry-Marie to attend to the next client. We recommend you read our full disclaimer before booking.