Curious about the psychic and spirit world?

Experience live mediumship readings with New Zealand’s well-known Psychic medium and TVNZ Sensing Murder star Kerry-Marie Callander.


bridging the 2 worlds

One of the main charities I support is Hospice because of the amazing work they do for the community. So I have decided to put on a Zoom show, Bridging the 2 Worlds this Saturday 28th August at 10 am. Once you pay through my booking system, please allow me some time to send you the Zoom link before the show.

The cost is $28 per person and all the profit will be donated to Hospice.

I will be demonstrating mediumship and some of you attending will receive mini-readings and messages from your loved ones. I cannot choose and control who comes through or the information given as I am the channel between the 2 Worlds. Whether you receive a reading or not, it is wonderful to observe the great power of spirit and how it touches either you or others. It is healing and powerful to witness this, also you are helping to support a wonderful cause that helps so many people.


You may wish to know about mediumship, how it all works, and develop your skills further; Or you are already a medium and would like to develop your gifts further.

You may have a passion for mediumship, love working with the energy, and wish to develop it more for yourself as it is something you are drawn to. Through my own experience, developing and learning as a medium over 25 years, I would like to impart my knowledge to you so you can grow and develop your gift/s further.

Meet and greet starts from 9:30 am onwards. The workshop starts at 10:00 am, and finishes at 4:30 pm. You will meet like-minded people with the same passion and interest in mediumship as you!

The workshop is a great investment in yourself.

When: Saturday 20th November

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm

Where:   Baldry + Sanford

Please note, if Kerry-Marie needs to reschedule this for any reason, she will give you plenty of notice. If she cancels within 2 weeks you will be refunded in full. If by any chance you cancel 10 days or less before the retreat it is unlikely she will be able to refund you.