Let us be a united world

Of recent times I have found the world an interesting place and I am sure you would have too. A world that is changing day by because of Pandemic Crisis brought about by the Covid 19 virus and the battle it has caused. 

While in lockdown many of you noticed the cleaner water, air and beauty in nature.  Marine life appearing in clearer water and wild animals roaming the streets.

As much as it was wonderful to move to Level 2 in New Zealand, a certain sadness waved over me seeing all the vehicles on the road again and some of the peace & quiet been disrupted. 

Many people have wondered if the world as we know it will change for the better in the future and let’s hope it does. 

I have given a lot of deep thought to the suffering of others, the loss, sickness and upset of the economy, social contact and especially to the future or our children, grandchildren along with the health and security of future generations to come. 

From a spiritual perspective I know that the spirit world who love and support us always are encouraging us to work in unity, harmony and peace. A message given to us from our own government to “be kind”. 

I feel sadden at some of the disharmony, blaming and accusations in the world instead of unity and co-operation. The answer to this crisis is unity and working together as a team to progress towards our future as a whole, not divided. United we stand, divided we fall. 

We all have been given the gift of free will and speech and so it is up to you and to me to decide for ourselves how we wish to think, behave, speak and be.  I suggest with love to have open hearts, minds, kindness and compassion as the first step to help elevate the dis ease causing disease on our beautiful planet and world. We are all in this together, so let’s work on this together not only for ourselves, but for the future, our children, grandchildren and future generations. 

Blessings and love 


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