How to deal with stress, anxiety and worry

Most of us experience some sort of stress, anxiety and worry over our lifetime. Some is more complex and serious than others. It is part of the human experience of living on earth.Sometimes it feels like something we can deal with and at other times almost overwhelming. The “fight or flight” syndrome is very real and given to us as a gift to deal with serious frightening situations. At times though “fight or flight” kicks in as something humans can create as an unreal or unfounded fear.

As a spiritual practitioner I refer clients experiencing such difficulties to a trained professional who can help them in their own unique situation. There is no shame in reaching out or seeking help and in fact it is a brave courageous thing to do. I personally encourage it. Friends and family who you cantrust are also important when we feel life is to much, so don’tbe afraid to talk and to reach out to someone who cares and who loves and supports you. Know you are stronger than you think you are. 

Of recent times, because of the world crisis and pandemic, a lot of people are naturally caught up in fear of the unknown over their health, others suffering, family, economy and feelings of desperation or even loneliness. It may be a feeling that comes and goes and alters day to day depending on what is occurring around them or inside them. 

Something I recommend is to live day by day and in the present. The precious present which is indeed a gift given to us. Change what you can and let go of things and situations that are out of your control. Surround yourself with uplifting positive people or watch funny movies and listen to your favourite music. Get involved with something that interests you, a hobby or read great articles or books. Physical touch can be important so cuddle someone in your bubble, even if it is a pet or someone close to you. 

As a spiritual person I find the thing that helps me the most is to reach out to the spirit world to surround me with their love, peace and protection. I ask for there to be peace and healing for the earth and the human race. I am just one person and I know if a lot more of us asked for spiritual help and guidance they could help the dis ease causing disease to our world on many levels. The old saying “let go and let God” is quite significant over these times. 

So, remember to live day by day, live in the present, count your blessings, turn to those that love and support you, seek professional help if you need it whether it is health, finance, business, social and anything else. Know there is someone who can help you and support you. 

Lastly, know that the spirit world love and support you and are there whenever you need them. Talk to them in your mind, ask for their help and support and you may be surprised what occurs. 

Blessings and love, take care and look after you.


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