What is this White Light Bubble of Protection?

Many people talk about putting yourself in a white light bubble of protection and that it can be very beneficial. Some people believe this to be true and others doubt its relevance. 

I can only pass onto you my own personal experience and what has worked for me.

Regularly I practice the white light bubble of protection not only for myself but also for those close to me, like my family and friends, and I find it really does work. For instance, I was running along a road and a dangerous dog started to growl and was about to attack me and so I created the white light bubble of protection in my mind’s eye and the dog ran around the width of the circle my mind had created and then left me alone. One night I woke up and knew my daughter was in danger so I created the white light bubble of protection around her and she phoned me the next day to tell me at the exact time of me doing this she had nearly been killed by a drunk driver. 

Often as human beings we may practice something and let it drop away. This is something I did in regards to the white light and bubble of protection. At the time I was working in a fairly hostile environment and found myself in tears often. At that time, I visited a life coach who asked me if I was practicing the white light bubble of protection. I knew I had let it slip away and so she suggested I start practicing this once again so I did. The bullying in the work place started to cease, except when I stopped practicing my bubble. So, I know that this practice is so important and to keep doing.

In these times of unrest and uncertainty we all feel the need to protect ourselves and those close to us.

So how do you create this white light bubble of protection?

The best way is to visualise the white light you may have seen at some point from a welding torch or something similar. Create in your mind’s eye a bright white bubble that goes all around you, above you and under you. You can do it in the morning or at anytime you feel you need extra protection.

Can I create a white bubble for others or things like my house when I leave it?

The answer is YES you can and often it works.

I cannot guarantee this practice as being 100% as you always need to use common sense to protect yourself. Don’t walk in dangerous areas, lock your car and your house, etc. You cannot rely on the white light of protection totally and remember this sort of practice is an experiment and something extra you can try. Be sensible, the white light bubble of protection is just an added practice that can work. You won’t know unless you try it yourself. Be safe and sensible about how you live your daily life as common sense can take you a long way also.

Blessings and love 


One thought on “What is this White Light Bubble of Protection?

  1. It definitely works, I had a psychic friend who rang me one day quite bemused and said:” I was thinking about you last night as I was going off to sleep and I could see this huge white bubble completely surrounding your house and the funny thing was, your dog and your cat were walking around outside and they were both in bubbles.” That was the first time that I realised the it could be seen by a clairvoyant. I feel that it has over the years worked for me when I remember to do it.

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