Do you believe in Fortune Telling?

Most of us have heard about someone who has been promised by a psychic or fortune teller things such as:  The knight in shining armour sweeping you off your feet, travelling the world and coming into an amazing fortune or windfull of some kind. It paints a pretty picture and conjures up all sort of images and sensations within us. 

Amazingly enough at times some of these types of predictions and fortunes actually come true like “you will live by the sea with a white picket fence and meet your soul mate in five years” and so the story goes. Is this because our subconscious mind has been influenced, or is it all real? Is some other type of dimension we are not aware of making this all come about?

What are my personal thoughts on fortune telling as a psychic medium? 

Firstly, I believe we have all been given the gift of free will and we do influence our lives by our own choices. It is about personal responsibility and accountability.  I do believe in energy and other dimensions along with a greater intelligence than ourselves. 

As humans we all have a certain psychic energy and “sixth sense” that we cannot always explain. Like you can walk into a room and can tell people have had an argument. That feeling “you can cut the atmosphere with a knife”. You meet someone and you can feel straight away if you like them or not. You think of someone and out of the blue they contact you. This is all about your own personal psychic gift. 

Human beings have an aura which is an electric magnetic field that radiates out from the body. Within the aura it contains, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual information about a person. Also, information about your past, present and potential for your future. By potential I mean the energy and direction you are going at that point in your life.  The more sensitive you are as an individual the more you are able to pick up on the energy of others. For example, if someone comes near me with a headache, I often straight away get their headache. When they move away from me the headache goes too. This is why, if we don’t know someone, we can feel uncomfortable when they get too close to us. You may feel “get out of my space”. In other words, you are protecting your aura. 

So, what about the “potential” and future stuff?  As a psychic I may pick up the potential of where someone is heading from their aura, however the important thing is because of free will, they can choose to change this direction at any given time.  At that time someone like a psychic may sense a situation for you as a potential and you can then decide to change this. It is not the psychic’s fault you change your life; they are reading the situation at the time. 

So as a psychic medium have I personally predicted amazing situations and events?

Well the answer is “yes I have”. But saying this I am not a fortune teller; I do not read minds and I cannot play God in anyone’s life. I do not know everything (far from it and don’t want to). Can I give you lotto numbers? No, I can’t and if I could I would be a very rich woman by now.  There is a lot of myths about what psychics can do and unrealistic expectation. We are human just like everyone else.

At times I have been given some amazing information from the spirit world. At one point I was connecting with the spirit of a clients deceased father. She was concerned about a piece of jewellery. I saw an eye wink at me and a voice “she will get an inheritance bigger than she thinks”. When I relayed the message, the client argued nicely with me saying this was not possible. Two weeks later she phoned me to say “I have just been given an advanced inheritance from my mother which is four times more than what I was expecting. The reason I could be given this information would have been because her deceased father would have been aware of his wife’s activities and what was being arranged.

Last year I was lucky enough to attend the Rugby World Cup in Japan. We were taken on a group tour and went to Hong Kong before travelling to Japan. I had just come down a mountain with a Buddhist temple and we had lunch with another couple. In the background I heard them discussing with another person the world cup and who would win. In my mind I thought “please don’t ask me as a psychic, please”! Then out of the blue I heard a loud voice say in my mind “Springboks”. I was so taken aback.  I told the couple and my husband and a few other people at the time. When I watched the All Blacks play South Africa at the first game, I felt so conflicted. Of course, I wanted my own country to win, however was confused re the previous message. The All Blacks did beat South Africa in the first match. When leaving the stadium, I asked my husband if South Africa could still win the cup and he said “yes, but it would be a lot more difficult”. We returned to NZ and after weeks of games, South Africa played in the finals against England. Lots of people believed in my prediction and won money from it.  Well done the Springboks. I was elated with their win. 

Could I do this again? My answer is “I have no idea”. To be honest it was a random occurrence and taught me that this information was given to me from another realm, not from me, it was unexpected, was not black and white, however it was correct. It taught me that I am given some information about the future only sometimes and when I do, trust it and respect it as well as respect that we all have free will, different ideas and opinions.

Finally, I would like to say to follow your own guidance, your own knowing and trust in yourself. You do influence your own future. A psychic may give you information or guidance and what you do with it is up to you. It is nice to know we don’t know everything and that we can create our own futures and destiny with the choices we make, we can’t control everything, only some things. 

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