Does the spirit world show us signs?

People often ask me this question and yes, I know it to be true.

Spirit are no longer able to communicate through a physical body and they are now an energy and spirit containing their soul, so they must find a different way to get through to us and communicate using other forms.

How do they do this? 

If you are a sensitive person, they are able to impress upon your auric field through visions and images in your mind, thoughts that come to you through your dreams, instinct, senses and what you feel. Sometimes they make you aware of something physical to get their message through to you.

The spirit world may draw your attention to something around you that you see as a sign of your loved one around you and looking out for you, such as a particular bird, butterfly, feather, coins, light flickering and so on. At times a song may come on the radio and your attention is drawn to it, or you may notice a headline or a number plate on a car. 

Does it mean my loved one is the bird or butterfly? 

The answer is no they are not, however often their energy is around something like this in the living and they draw your attention to it. I often see feathers, hear songs on the radio or observe lights flicker. I had an aunt who passed a few years ago and she adored birds and butterflies and I had so many birds and butterflies cross over my car on the way to her funeral. I knew this was her showing me that she was indeed around. 

Is it really my loved one coming to me in my dreams? 

Very often it is, and this is because you are relaxed in a different state of consciousness and they are often able to come to you in your dream state. If the dream is upsetting it is more likely to be your subconscious mind or fears coming through, not your loved one. They always come through with love and support. 

Can you ask a love one for a sign? 

The answer is “yes you can”, however, it is likely it won’t come through when or how you are expecting it to. Allow the process and see how it happens. Letting go and being open is the key to allowing signs to come through. They are often unexpected, in a way, a language of spirit. 

I wrote a poem about my Mum being a heart of gold and read it at her 80th birthday. I also read it to her a lot when she was going through her dying process and, lastly, at her funeral. After she passed, I heard so many songs about hearts of gold and I could feel her presence supporting me. I would also see many hearts of gold in the physical and my awareness would be drawn to them. 

Should I believe the signs as true or not believe them?

My answer is usually it is the loving presence of your loved ones showing things to you or letting you know they are around. It is a gift to you of their presence. Like a present, accept these signs graciously from your loved one, knowing they are supporting you. The more appreciative you are, the more you are likely to see more signs or feel them in the future. 

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