How can a medium, psychic or healer pick up information remotely through technology such as phone, skype, zoom etc?

This is a question I get asked often when doing readings. As it seems logical to us as human beings that a person needs to be physically present for a psychic, medium or healer to pick up information about another person. This is a way a lot people think and from a logical perspective I understand where they are coming from.

However, from working in the field for over 25 years I know with full certainty this is not true. Psychic energy is powerful along with the energy of the spirit world. Saying that, to pick up on the energy at times can be subtle and you have to be tuned in and ultra-sensitive to do so.  

About two years ago I was online in a zoom class with other mediums. I could feel the energy of my father almost right next to me. Another medium was demonstrating and he was based in Germany. His opening line was “Kerry-Marie I can feel your father here right beside me”. So here I am in New Zealand and another medium is picking up the same energy thousands of miles away. There was no doubt, from the information he gave about my father, that was indeed his spirit and the message passed onto me is something I will never forget as it was so true and profound. Only a week ago I did a remote healing for a lady I had not met and I picked up on her condition and her father in spirit who was healing her a specific way with the same modality he practiced on earth. Isn’t that incredible? 

When I am doing a healing, I can also do this remotely working with the spirit world. Recently a friend of mine in the UK was suffering with Covid-19 and I did not know much about the condition at the time. The one thing that was so relevant was that I had no idea that often with Covid you lose your sense of smell and taste and your eyes are dry. She said to me that during the healing her eyes were streaming with tears.  She is 12,000 miles away and she could feel the healing strongly through her body. After that her condition improved. 

Often when I am giving a reading via zoom, skype or phone I can pick up ailments with my sitter and those in the spirit world, such as chest pains, sore legs, headaches etc. I can feel the sitter’s energy and that of spirit. The evidence that comes through is just as profound as when someone is sitting right in front of me.  In some ways I find doing my work remotely easier as I am not distracted by as much chit chat or body language. We have an hour and I just get on with it so to speak. It is a great experience, efficient and easy. 

So as a psychic medium and healer I can personally pick up on your energy just as easily and the spirit world are happy to work this way. We don’t always understand things in life and this makes this dynamic even more amazing and remarkable. 

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